Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hairy monsters from Mars

Our first melon. The 2nd one was the same size. Not bad for not having much in the way of flesh. We have two more about 8 and 10 inches in diameter.

Hairy demons from Mars! ... Or the caterpillars of Milkweed tussock moths. Anything that can eat milkweed successfully is of interest to me, since I grow it. ... More correctly, I allow it to grow where it wants to. This is not always good for the garden, but can be, as we'll see later.
 Munch, much, chomp, chomp!

This is happening all over my garden because I planted cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are climbing the milkweed. I love that. I love that there are so many surprises in the garden. Every year it's something different.
Habaneros! I do not eat these. I do touch them briefly. Then I wash my hands thoroughly.
The grasshoppers LOVE the lovely hybrid sunflowers I gave them. Sigh. They must be delicious!