Thursday, May 19, 2016

The comfrey is about to bloom

My yard is fruitful and green and the bumbles are having a blast. Today I finally got out with a basket and harvested comfrey (which I'm nearly out of in the dried state), yarrow and pineapple weed.

The comfrey is about to bloom. The bees will be on it. I'll watch it because I like to see all the kinds of bees etc. that hit it. I have it in strong sun, not full sun, and it's already four feet tall. Heh heh.

The pineapple weed likes to grow in gravel and nasty soil, so I had to actively avoid mowing it on the Dreaded First Mow over a week ago, when much of the "lawn" was 12-14 inches tall.

Then, because I have the snoopiest and most bored cat in the world, although he is more mellow than I've seen cats be, I put the greenery in one layer in wicker baskets. Those I put atop the microwave, which is in turn, atop the refrigerator. It may be safe. I haven't seen him jump that high. ... Yet. Fortunately, he's laid back aka lazy.

It's a cool, breezy day today. I have curtains on the line. I bet they're already dry although I just put them out about 10 minutes ago. Last night I left a rug outside and forgot it overnight. Fortunately no bird plopped on it. And as I carried it off the line to put the curtains on the line, I caught a whiff of horse sweat.

I'm puzzled by that. But I did get the rug secondhand and I don't know its history. *sniff*sniff* Hmm.