Wednesday, July 29, 2015

At my feet, on the outhouse, and under the leaves ...

So this is a new stand of purple coneflower at my house. There's so much rain, they are falling over.

I say a new stand, because a lot of my former PCFs got aster yellows and I had to *sniff* dig them up and *sniff* throw them away. There's no guarantee these won't get it, but I had to try.

This is a very beautiful crab spider that was hanging out on a cone for hours. You can see the same one in the previous photo. Such a little dot.

This is what a trumpet vine will do to an outhouse, if left to its own devices. We've been asked how we got it to do that, and I think it was just reaching toward the sun. We didn't really do anything.
This is looking upward from the sidewalk at the bottom of a milkweed leaf. We are relieved that the caterpillar decided to hide and avoid being seen.

And here it is, closer. It was cool this morning, and I imagine it was drowsy.

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