Saturday, July 8, 2017

I tend to hate change ... BUT

I am a lucky, lucky person.

I was felled when my employer of 16 years fired me without pre-amble,  problem or controversy, just called me in, gave me a letter and severed the relationship.

I was already reeling from a blow to my family and I had a real funk for a few days. And then I realized how much less stress I was having. Of course, I had a new stress with the Department of Labor, regarding my unemployment, but it was a lot less drama than my job of 16 years.

Three months passed while I applied for jobs that were just perfect for me, although the agency didn't think so, and jobs that were merely jobs. There were jobs that were more like slavery, 50+ hours a week, six days a week with a 70-minute commute? I don't think so.

... And there were job offerss that were just ridiculous. I had cashier three times in my job history; it is not a good cashiering history, and cashier was not only offered to me, but one company called me to ask me to be their cashier, based on my proximity to their store. *eyeroll*

I applied mostly in small towns, and not even once in a city. I had commuted twice before. Never liked it. I applied to be an executive assistant, a library director, a law office secretary, a church school secretary, a tire replacement technician, all kinds of things. Note: the DOL does not require your job searches to make sense.

Sometime in the third or fourth month, I applied to be an "office associate" in the office of one of the departments of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. I could do all the requirements with my hands tied behind my back and I would still be in Winnebago, which I like. I applied.

These wheels turn very slowly, and I got a call a few (?) weeks later to interview for the job. The head of Facilities had read the top one or two jobs I'd had and remarked "Quite a change!" referencing the difference between being a librarian/botanist/typesetter/darkroom technician/cashier/church secretary and being an office associate. To which I replied with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Long story short, I got a temp hire and was there for 13 weeks. In the meantime, I did some big chunks of work, learned a bit of what I know to do my job well, and got on with everyone. I look out at U.S. Hwy 77's traffic going by and a grove of trees on the east side of it where I see red-tailed hawks sometimes.

After only a couple days, I decided that, even if they didn't keep me, this was a good experience. I decided that even though it was quite a pay cut, I don't care. And Friday they hired me full time.

Soon I'll have benefits and be ... well ... I'll have benefits, and I've been missing those.

*feeling grateful*


squidlee said...

I love everything about this.

Lori "The Soil Whisperer" Guenter said...

Hooray for you, my friend! Love it!!