Thursday, March 7, 2013

But why?

Yes, in my obsession for identification and winter botany and gathering, I never told you why I want cottonwood leaf buds. Why I drive down cold roads in crappy weather, the wind wrenching the hat from my head, pruners in frozen hands, and a dashboard of twigs in my truck. Hee!

Well. I want to make a healing salve, and if you do a wise search of the internet, you'll find any number of recipes on how to make cottonwood leaf bud salve. The trouble is, after the first step of gathering the buds, the second step lasts about six months where the buds are infused (soaked) in oil. After that, you remove the plant material, add beeswax and pot up, and it's ready to use.

Cottonwood oil is known to ease arthritic joints and sore muscles.  It has been added to lip balms, body oils and healing salves and makes an excellent massage oil for sore muscles and useful for healing the skin, including sunburn.

Frankly I might not have gotten all het' up about it if I didn't have a potential victim ...I mean volunteer. -- Shh!

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