Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow on the nettles' spot

Well, I threw several cubic feet of snow on the location where my nettles grow. This is pretty much what it looks like. You have to imagine the nettle part.

I hope that helps them, as I will no longer be able to warm the earth with my stare while I search for the slightest hint of  a nubbin that lets me know they are coming back. Well, at least until Friday, when it will likely melt. For now the highs are in the 30s, so there is no real melt going on now.

Thanks to the wonder of whatever caused our village guy to not shovel my intersection versus all the other intersections in town, I got an extra workout making sure I could get into the street with my non-huge, non-4WD pickup. But the extra snow went onto the flower beds and the nettles. Well, I admit, some went on the dog. She's nimble, and it's not easy to get snow on her. Of course, a shovel is not the best tool if you want to throw snow at a moving target, either.

It was officially four inches of snow, but Sunday was a wonder of howling winds. Some of the snow drifted up to 8 inches deep. I can admire that, for four inches of snow, and 30 mph. We think 11 inches at 50 mph is manageable most years.

I mostly stayed in on Sunday. I spackled, and got some crafts and sewing projects underway and finished. I did dishes and cooked and let the cat in. Then I let the cat out. Then I let the cat in, etc. etc. there was a lot of cat action going on, for sure.

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