Sunday, March 31, 2013

Putting in some onions

Everything got a little green once our temps rose a little. Here is a little guy I plan to maybe eat or harvest roots of at some point, but so teeny now!
Here is some of the milkweed we missed last year, doing its thing. We harvest a lot of milkweed tops and flowerbud clusters to eat in May and June, but it's a very generous plant, and we always have more coming up. We also try to get the pods. I know we went out two or three times to gather up pods. Neighbors are not fans of milkweed seeds. Silly creatures.
This is the fourth row of onions I planted. You may think that's not a straight line, that's actually a new gardening practice called ... contour planting ... yeah. Contour planting!
Someone in my family dragged some logs into the yard a couple years ago, and they got cut into these rather large rounds. They serve at least one purpose, and that's to marginally keep our long-toenailed dog from ripping through there, going after a ball. ... I think I'm going to be moving some more of them as the garden expands this year.

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