Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PCF and my garden

I got the gift of four little purple coneflowers this weekend. I've been on the alert for them since I had to murder some of my plants that had aster yellows. The left plant is a mullein. That's monarda (bee balm) on the far side of the wheel.
This is the hills-of-corn portion of the garden this time with corn in it. I made the pic huge so you could see the teeny corn plants coming up.

You can see my onions with the catnip plant I couldn't kill and milkweed at the left and in the foreground. (Milkweed is food.) In the right part are some nearly transparent tomato plants and some marigolds.

The cages are around some habanero peppers. You can see milkweed again in the right foreground.

There are small cucumbers in front of and behind the "gate." It is a former city park band shell gate from the information I've been told. I don't understand that, but maybe it was altered. It does look like something the cukes will climb. ... And more milkweed. It comes up where it wants to.

In the bottom photo, the cages and fence are around mullein. The larger mullein are in their 2nd year, which means they will put up a flower spike this summer.

The tiny ones, like in the round fence at right, will only be a rosette this year, preparing for the following year, when they flower, seed and die. Plants like this are called biennial, or every-two-years.

And the milkweed. You probably think I'm crazy about milkweed. Well, that's another post.

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