Sunday, June 30, 2013

What happens when you neglect your garden

Here is the distant view of the garden, corn in front, hip-high, mullein in back, armpit-high. I have a lot of pigweed, common waterhemp, lambsquarters and nightshade in amongst everything else because circumstances have kept me out of there. However, it is doing well without my assistance, looks like. I do need to get to some of those weeds, though, before they get tougher than I am!

The easiest-to-grow garden veggie, milkweed aka mahic (ma-heench)!

There are a lot of milkweed bugs this year. Earlier I only saw a few of these guys, but now they are all over the place.

Look, look, look, a honeybee. And her cousins were out there, too, the flies that mimic honeybee colors, but they have the heads of flies and those funky fly eyes.
Proof that melons thrive under corn. Woot!
Milkweed is not just good for us to eat and nectar for the monarchs, it's housing from some folks. Can you see the spider?
An onion reaching out to bloom. It was too crowded in the garden, so it stuck out an arm.

I love the mullein especially this year, because I transplanted babies last fall, and this year they are not mowing obstacles and are IN the garden. I'm thrilled.

 Sex in the country!

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