Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bee balm, yarrow, etc., and the grooviest seed heads EVER

Russian sage, the last of the yarrow and the last of the bee balm.
 Yarrow hanging to dry.
Yarrow next to pineapple weed next to sage, next to sweet Annie.
 These look darker in real life. I have so few! *sob*
So fine.
These are from Bluebird Nursery @ Clarkson, NE
About 20 new rocks for the rock garden. Some of them had to be stacked. It's a thing.
Physalis or Chinese lanterns, related to tomatillos.
 Rudeckia hirta, black-eyed susan.
 The rockin'-est seed heads EVER. Illinois bundleflower has an inconspicuous flower, like a pale white pompon. Es no importante! The really cool part of this plant, visually, is its seed pod. They are crescents, arranged in this loose sphere, that are my FAVE in the weird seed head department. Very cool!
This is a more distant view of them.
Somedamnedmint. I don't know what species. Unkillable. Over the years I've been calling it "monster mint." Cute, though.

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