Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watch your ditches for bloomers!

There are a ton of plants blooming in the ditches just now, and I want you to look at them. It's not just a blur of green and yellow, now ... Maybe you could go down a country road where you should only go 50, tops, right? ... Right? ... lol

Compass plants are blooming, several sunflowers, showy partridge pea, birdsfoot trefoil (okay, like it's been blooming all summer, to be truthful), I believe I'm seeing flowering spurge and snow-on-the-mountain. Tall red clover is still blooming. What else?

Ah, and the horrible, the invasive, the *cute* Queen Anne's Lace. I even went to the one place I know a woman has it in her yard, just to look, in the next town over. Yup, it's there. Every year. It's not going anywhere soon! It's having a spectacular year. Usually I see it in *one*place* along my highway. This year it's along a stretch of 10 miles of this highway. Are you seeing that, too? Mullein is doing better this year in my yard, but I still don't see it other places. Maybe where you are, it's different.

I haven't had time to go investigate with my camera, so ... sorry! You'll need to do that part on your own.

Let me know what's blooming near YOU!

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