Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late summer bouquet

I went out for some goldenrod and sunflowers on my break the other day, and I got a bonus of false boneset and stiff goldenrod.

The stiff goldenrod is in the middle right of the bouquet, just above the two biggest sunflowers. The flowers are arranged differently than most goldenrod.

The false boneset (Brickellia eupatorioides) is the beige-colored flower on the left. The leaves of false boneset are arranged differently than common boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). Both plants have similar blooms and both are medicinal, just for different things.

I look forward to the lovely goldenrod popping up everywhere this time of year. And it's a very good cut flower, too. The sunflowers need to be put in water right away, though, they wilt much faster than goldenrod.

If you get flowers from the ditch like I do, be sure to give them a good shaking before you get back in your vehicle. There are a lot of happy insects and arachnids hanging out on them who would like to continue their normal lives. So let them, yeah?

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