Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bloodroot and other hidden jewels, which are also bloodroot

Went to a friend's house where we looked for and found bloodroot sprouting.

This is a plant that doesn't like my place, so I have to enjoy it wherever I can find it.

These little goomers were popping up while still covered with cottonwood leaf litter.
This dock was giving a little camoflage to the adjoining bloodroot. Once we found a few, we found a few more.

Then we could recognize them as younger shoots, below:

There's a little close-up of some more bloodroot.

This wad of cordage is some storm-downed weeping willow she gave me. It's going to be a tea to try to root a plant in. The stuff in willow is a good rooting hormone as well as the tender tips being good for headache. I just tied a wad of it up with other pieces of broken whippy branches.

Now this.

This is my favorite picture of the bloodroot sprouts because you can see how the broad initial leaf is furled around itself like a flag. Just pretty.

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