Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crazy Great Plains weather and a case of the trashies

Yesterday I picked up a lot of trash from my yard and the next yard, which is more like a meadow. I walked around a lot, it was nice out, and there was a good bit of trash. The folks living to our west are ... less careful ... than the older couple who had trash cans with lids.

Anyway, I felt good about trash-picking and about remembering to put my trash out at the curb. ... And then the weather changed.

It Changed with a capital "ch!" The temperature is still dropping, the wind rose exponentially, and yes, the trash I carefully stashed in my lidded trash can is spread out all over the meadow again. It could have been worse, the whole can could have fallen over, but still.

It's a little comical. Now I will be waiting til the wind decides to drop off to pick it all up again. That will be after the rain, the hail, the lightning, the sleet ... well, we've already had all that. We are only waiting for the snow and the ice. It's coming!

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