Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planting chokecherries


It was chokecherry-planting day. In digging the first two holes, I hit something metal about two inches belowground and pulled out two license plates whose stickers hadn't even expired by the time we moved here. Just crazy. How did that happen? A little mystery.

And why do folks want to hold on to license plates anyway? Not that I mind. The metal comes in handy once in a while.

Apparently, it was so that I had the perfect spacer, as that's how far apart I wanted my 9 chokecherries.

The chokecherries are leafing out from the stem. The elderberries from the other day? They were are sprouting from the root. No leaves on the stems. Hm.

Oh hey, check out that bitchin' kneeler? The blue one. It's made of soft-ish foam and I bought it for a dime at a garage sale the other day. Yay me!

The only destructive thing I did was stob into the plastic a couple times and make holes in it. After that, I scooped from the side, but I'd already done the damage.
By the time I planted about seven of the nine of these, I had realized that there weren't just two chokecherries left, there were four. Apparently I have forgotten how to count ... or something.

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squidlee said...

Dig that kneeler! I love finding buried stuff like that. It always feels like treasure, no matter what it is!