Friday, April 26, 2013

Elderberries and chokecherries from the NRCS

The local NRCS offered chokecherries and elderberries $23 for 25 bareroot plants. Even though I was late by a couple days, they were really nice and told me what plants and trees were left.

So today I could get to them while they were open and I headed home to plant up! This poor thing I broke off first thing, and of course I planted it anyway.

This augur post-holer makes a perfect circle through the sod, even though it's dull. I used a tiling spade to dig the holes deeper.

The pc of plastic the plants were wrapped in was a perfect dirt tarp. I couldn't believe how much easier it was to throw the dirt on the plastic and direct it to various places from there.

Sooooo nice! I have a few holes around the yard I was able to fill with excess dirt.

Honestly, I worked so hard on these holes, you get another look, lol

Of course the plants don't look like much ...
But up close, the plants were sprouting! See at the base of the stem? Pale red, but juuust like an elderberry! Pore things were sprouting even though they were in a fridge truck, in the dark, without soil. Yeah.

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