Friday, May 10, 2013

Ai yi yi! ... and Prunus americana!

So sometimes life takes over and says "life, what life? Hahahaha!" and stuff happens. Good stuff, hard stuff, and commitments, etc.

The end result is that although I'm clicking away, noticing plants and flowers and not posting, and now ... the PLUMS ARE BLOOMING! (Yes, that was not a sentence. And I don't care.)

I also know, all caps aren't cool, but I am not cool about plum blossoms. OMG. Just stand and inhale plum scent.

This is the photo a local friend took for me. Ahhhhhhh! So groovy! Wild plums. Prunus americana.
(Black gold, Texas tea) (oh never mind!)

However it's weird how distribution maps differ for this lovely native:
And it seems that, w/o spending a lot of time, everyone refers to Rah!
If you have a chance, but especially if you haven't smelled them, go out, find them, and stand by them. 

I promise you'll get it. Unless you're dead (no zombies need apply), or your nose is. Promise.

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