Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hodgepodge post

Even when I don't get on the computer, I do snip away with the camera. Here's the hodgepodge:

Now these are hen-n-chicks from a relative in Kansas, they are waiting for the right place to live. They were going to be put in a pair of repurposed boots that were ... uh ... reposessed.
... And then there's a close-up for violets not yet unfurled.I didn't realize they were SO CUTE!

The white flowers are a bird-deposited Manchurian apricot. They bloom just before the plums bloom

Mustard at work, just outside where I park, underneath the giant turbine.

What my elderberries looked like after I cut the sod. You can't even see the bush, right?
And now you can! Yes, it's very small. I broke off one bush about 4 inches higher than the root.

This is my dandelion omelet. My reward after all that digging!
Plums. Heavenly heavenly, beautiful plums!
Aus willow hybrid branch that fell outside my door. So I took the tips for a tincture for pain, a common herbal remedy.
When you dig around in the yard of a long-established place, you find some odd things.
A bean from a black locust tree that was germinating underground.
And the first shoots of maheench (milkweed) coming up in the garden. A friend noted that it looked like Aubrey from Little Shop of Horrors. Well! I had always thought that, too funny!

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