Sunday, May 19, 2013

I couldn't resist these wine-colored sunflowers, I really couldn't. This is total, non-native, ooh-look-pretty frivolity. And every gardener should have some of that. The down side is the price tag of $2.49. I got these for less than that at Bomgaar's, but $2.49 for 13 seeds? Really? 19 cents per SEED? (I was shocked that I only got 13 seeds, but maybe I only need 13.)

Folks, I think the time is past to save seeds and save seeds like crazy, and network about trading them around, and doing what nature intended, which is NOT buying from Burpee (or whomever) every year. Time to do the homework and find out what heirloom is vs. hybrids. Then take a breather and find out what GMO is vs. hybrid. Find out if it matters to you. Think about the generations after us, and what our actions (or, more to the point, inactions) will affect them.

Find out what you can do. Find out who sells the seeds you want. This may be just a flower in my yard, but seeds are serious, serious business. It's about the future of food.

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