Monday, July 2, 2012

Chopping walnuts and making nocino

 Making nocino

The recipe calls for 24 unripe walnuts and assures you that rubber gloves should be worn. This is mom's Cutco knife she bought in '58. (The company has a forever guarantee.) It does go through a walnut with a little encouragement. 

That's about 4 walnuts, quartered.

Just snapping photos, I'm so excited about this!

Here we are, all chopped up and stuffed into the jar.

I started to wonder at this point if everything going in here would ... ah ... fit.

Cinnamon sticks and ground clove, because we tend to burn up our whole cloves on Gloria, the woodstove, in the winter. I never, ever, have enough cloves.

The first cup of sugar. 

And wash that down with some vodka. No I didn't measure. :-) 

The second cup of sugar and another application of vodka


And I don't think I have room in here for lemon zest ... or do I? How much room can it take? 

The final product without the lemon zest. I got tired or lazy. There's barely room to shake it up. I did not shake it up as I figured it was an exercise in pointlessness. But ah! Satisfaction of a messy job accomplished!


squidlee said...

AND, it's pretty!

squidlee said...

And it's pretty!