Friday, July 6, 2012

Testing, testing, 1... 2... 104??

Well I plugged in my two-quart crock pot and put water in it to see how hot it gets. Five minutes ago it was 110 degrees, now it's 104. Hmmm.This is the one I plan to heat olive oil + herbs in. Hmmmmm. Is that too hot? Is that how hot it gets? Does it fluctuate?

I also divided the nocino (no-chee-no) into two separate jars. The sugar was not being taken up. And there was no headroom to shake the fluid enough to help it along. And I hadn't gotten the lemon zest in.

So before the lemons died the death on my counter in the 100+ degree heat, I wanted to use them. -- Yes, a lot of the things I do are based on how they are going to spoil before I get to use them! Sigh. *Shrug*

I divided it. It IS a pretty green. It showed when I ladled it around. It's very sticky, go figure. And it's sharp. I tasted some of the syrup left after I divvied it up: You get a sugar hit right off and then a bitter-ish green walnut taste and cinnamon right after. Seems about right. Didn't taste the clove.

Mysteriously the kitchen emitted a POP a few moments ago, the same pop you're glad to hear when you're canning and your lids are sealing. There was only one lid out there, and it's not sealed. ... Kitchen mysteries ...

After 10 minutes, the water was at 120 degrees, after twenty, 140, and after thirty, 140. Okay, we have reached our upper limit for LOW it seems. There, now my burning desire for information is satisfied. And I know it holds 5 cups of fluid easily.

Now to do some math to figure out how much herb I can stuff in there and then cover with olive oil. Visualizing my double handful of herbs, I'd say no prob. Yay!

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