Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moldy Mullein, dang!

When the mullein started blooming, I started gathering and drying the flowers. Then I put them in an open amber jar so they wouldn't mold.

Ha! Guess what? Fuzzy gray mullein.  Hmmph!

So I started again, only this time, I popped them directly into the olive oil and set it in the window. So there and let THAT be a lesson to me! ... This is a 5" tall jar, so it's a very small amount of oil, just in case I end up wasting it, too.

Actually each failure is a lesson. So don't worry too much if you screwed up, or if you, like me, misjudged the environment. We have to learn somehow!

Another lesson is this: If you're in the middle of grabbing a mullein blossom and you feel a tickle of a bug? Just deal with the bug. When I feel bugged or tickled, and I hurry, I rip the crap out of that blossom. If I'm not hurried and I take my time, I tend to get the whole blossom. ... Well, not always ...

Mullein blossom picking is a challenge, let's say. And I rip off my share of petals while trying to get the whole blossom. I'll get better. Probably.

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