Thursday, July 5, 2012

Very relieved, and saving at-risk plants

The plant I brought home Tuesday in 100-degree heat, which had totally wilted and looked very very bad, is doing quite well. I waited until evening of that day, when it was only 90-something, and I gave it the drink of its life. I had given it the shock of its life, so ... I planted it in about a mugful (volume) of mud.

It is located out of sight from any of my windows, so I checked on it this morning, and wow, it looks like it lives there. I'm happy. Even the petals of the flowers have perked up and look almost normal. I'm so relieved.

If you think I'm worrying too much about a single plant, maybe I am, but this is a representative of a plant species I consider to be seriously at risk in my area. It's quite easy to raise it, but in the wild, there are excruciatingly few of them existing. I know of one cemetery in my area where there is a horribly small colony of them.

By the way, if you are interested in helping to preserve at-risk medicinal plants in the wild where you live, check out the website of United Plant Savers. And then join it, seriously. And then plant up your area. And then keep reading about them. Good stuff is going on, but more people are needed!


Lori said...

You old softie!

Mark Twain said...
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