Thursday, July 5, 2012


I read that "nocino" is Italian and is pronounced "no-chee-no." Not being Italian, and frankly not knowing any languages other than American English, ASL and botanical Latin, I can only read and relay to you.

But my real purpose in posting is to amaze you with chemistry. Not mine, silly, the stuff going on in the mystery jar:

Day of making, on the left, fourth day on the right. And I can't see it in the photo, on the right, but in real life there's a layer of darkness, a layer of dark orange, then the stuff in the middle, then orange, then dark, then sugar. (Ooooh, I didn't notice it, but the sugar is being taken up ... or maybe it only looks like that ... hmmm.)

Actually there's someone who talks about the chemistry of this online. I'm sure you can find him in a decent (or indecent) search. It's over my head. -- I still need to stir this stuff -- Hmmm.

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