Sunday, July 8, 2012

The many, many, many-step salve

This morning I put the herbs I chose into the crock pot and I covered them with olive oil. I couldn't find any more reasons to postpone it. When I thought the herbs were sufficiently covered, it looked like I'd used about a pint and a half. Okay!

So I turned that puppy on, and then I turned it off. Not immediately, of course. If you can find a guide, they will say things like "Put the herbs and oil in the crock pot and heat on low for 3-4 hours."

Welllll, I had checked how hot it gets the other day, so I thought that would be a bad thing.

I let it run most of an hour ... which may have been too long. It smelled of hot olive oil, not of herbs (which you want) but also not of fried herbs (which you don't want), and the plants only looked saturated, not fried. Still later it smelled of cool olive oil, but everything else had remained the same.

And after I turned it off, I left it to sit most of the day. About 20 minutes or so ago, I turned it on LOW again. My timer just went off, and I went out and turned the indicator to OFF.

So I will just let it set mostly, and check the smell of it probably once a day, since I'm going back to that pesky job thing in the morning. And we shall see.

It's an experiment at this point.

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