Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"It's not very green."

Well I stuffed the jar so full with material that it's really hard to see if the fluid is green or not. (I read that it would be) How disappointing! There is a tiny meniscus (crescent) of fluid visible just near the upper edge, that I'm not even going to take a photo of it. And that tiny meniscus shows green.

I could separate this poor jar into two containers. Hey that's just crazy. Maybe later, when it's not so hot out, or when I'm curious/snoopy, or bored, or want to avoid mowing.

OR, after awhile or a week, whichever strikes my curiosity first, I will remove a couple walnuts, although I clearly hate to do that, and make it easier to stir and see into the nocino. (And I pronounce to myself: no-chee-no.) There are no date requirements on this stuff. There's a recipe, but ... that's a guideline. These liqueur recipes are pretty forgiving.

And upon doublechecking, I read from the recipe that this stuff will be ready in about twelve months. I think after a couple months, or whenever I remember I have the stuff, or when it's a nice dark brown color (guidelines, remember?) I will remove the solid material and rebottle it and let it sit further back in some mysterious (read crowded) cupboard until next July 2nd.


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